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 Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program 

Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program is a private and personal (one to one) program to rocket your success with a visionary and practical roadmap.  It answers what most entrepreneurs and business owners want to know: “How can I grow my business?” and “How can I increase my income?”  
It’s named Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program because you will know exactly how to be successful because your business will tell you!  We’ll intuitively tune in directly to the Innate Intelligence of your business and get you the information, answers and solutions that are in complete alignment with your purpose and passion.  The guidance, answers and solutions are unique to you and your business so you can grow your business faster and easier. Your business knows the strategy and steps to take to make your vision a reality.
This program is very powerful because your business knows how to be successful. It has its own Innate Intelligence with a more clear and expansive vision, specific strategies and prioritized action steps to grow faster and easier. New potential and new realities become probable instead of just possible.  
All possibilities exist. Would you like to know which ones are meant for you?
Note: The consultations are in-person in Sacramento, California or by Skype
Just a few of the benefits of Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program are:
·         Have practical roadmap:  a crystal clear vision to grow your unique business
·         Increase your income:  know the best decisions and course of focused action
·         Know the best use of your valuable resources:  time, energy and money
·         Be more clear, decisive and confident:  resolve challenges and release fears and doubts
·         Feel more inspired and balanced:  eliminate confusion, overwhelm and stress
·         Be more present and productive:  identify and eliminate distractions and limiting belief and patterns (behaviors)
Your business has a mind of its own. Would you like to know what it has to say?
Your business growth plan - which should reflect your purpose, passions, vision, and mission – is essential because it guides you in all your business decisions and how to use your valuable resources of time, energy and money.
Only $1,650
CLIENT SUCCESS STORY ~ “Before my work with Susan in Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program I had lots of information but didn’t know what my next steps needed to be.  Now I know exactly the next best steps for my business. I got a much clearer and powerful awareness of what my role is and what my work is really about.  I accomplished getting clearer on my ideal client – who I want to attract - and my messaging.  I was able to release the discomfort around selling and shift to inviting people in and helping them make a decision.
It was also very timely for planning for the New Year for me to hear loud and clear where and how I’ve been limiting myself.  I was able to complete the process of releasing those blocks, especially around money and my value, and now feel free to truly embody my work.
I have much more clarity and confidence and I know exactly what steps to take to serve more people and know I will see the benefit of that financially.  I am excited now to do the things I’d been avoiding, like doing strategy sessions.
Thank you Susan for the level of clarity you provided from my business in a safe and confidential environment.  I’ve already taken steps based on our work together and am excited to continue to take the steps that were outlined.  Having it outlined makes it that much easier to do.  I know this intuitive work needs to be a regular part of my business practice to continue to check in to see where I need to go.  It makes perfect sense.”
Kelli Wilson, nationally-recognized clutter breakthrough and productivity expert, founder and owner of A Simple Plan Consulting, , Author of The Clutter Breakthrough – Your Five Step Solution to Freedom from Clutter Forever
Step 1 – Invest in your business and scheduling - Once you have enrolled we will schedule your two 90 minute consultations (2 weeks to a month apart) as well as your quarterly 30 minute Business Growth Plan Alignment and Accelerator Consultations. The consultations can be via Skype or in-person at my Sacramento, California office.
Step 2 – Your first 90 minute EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Consultation. This is where we focus on getting you a clearer vision and specific strategies and associated prioritized action steps to expand and accelerate your business. Here are some of the areas that get further clarified and aligned in this consultation:
·         Purpose, vision, potential and mission
·         Product and service potential
·         Promotion including ideal client niches, what they want from you, branding, identity, messaging, and marketing and sales strategy
·         People including attracting, selecting, maximizing connections and enhancing communication
·         Processes including strategy and tactics, additional clarity , focus, and priorities, identify resources, timelines and best course of action so you have a roadmap of how to best grow your business
·         Power & Presence including being more clear, decisive and confident as well as identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and patterns (behaviors).  Raise the vibrational frequency of you and your business.
Step 3 – Your EXACTLY HOW Business Plan creation or alignment. This is where - after you received crystal clarity from the Innate Intelligence of your business in your first EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Consultation - you take the information your business has provided and create your EXACTLY HOW business plan (if you don’t already have one) or realign your existing business plan with how your business knows how to be successful.  This is the document we will review and align even further in your second 90 minute EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Consultation.
Step 4 – Your second 90 minute EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Consultation. In this consultation we will take your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan you created in Step 4 and further dial it in so it’s in complete alignment with how your business knows how to be successful. We will focus on getting additional clarity, strategy and prioritized next steps in the areas specified in Step 3. You’ll get answers to your questions and resolutions to challenges. We will also focus on identifying and releasing any limiting beliefs and patterns (behaviors) that are blocking you or holding you back from manifesting the highest potential of your business.
Step 5 – Your quarterly 30 minute EXACTLY HOW Business Alignment and Accelerator Consultations.  These quarterly EXACTLTY HOW Alignment and Accelerator Consultations will help you stay on course and in clear focused action, and realign when and where necessary. They will continue to help you identify and eliminate distractions and limiting beliefs and patterns. These Alignment and Accelerator Consultations will help guide you as your business grows and new opportunities arise, and help you make the best decisions with confidence. As you grow in your knowing and confidence, you become ready to step into your true potential in even bigger ways so we continue to raise the vibrational frequency of your business so your potential more easily becomes reality.
Let the Innate Intelligence of your business be your newest, best business coach
The reason this program is so powerful is because your business knows how to be successful. It has its own Innate Intelligence including a more clear and expansive vision, specific strategies and prioritized action steps to grow faster and easier.
 Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program includes:
·         TWO 90 minute EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Consultations
·         FOUR 30 minute quarterly EXACTLY HOW Business Alignment and Accelerator Consultations
·         A Business Intelligence Profile with your Core Theme and Path Forward (prioritized action steps) for each of your six consultations. The dynamic visuals that unfold as part of your consultations are an essential element. They are a visual roadmap to help you understand, integrate and implement your business wisdom faster and easier. Clients indicate they receive even more value each time they view the visuals while listening to the recordings. Some clients carry their Business Intelligence Profiles with them and refer to them regularly to guide focus and decision-making.
·         MP3 digital recordings of each of your six consultations
·         BONUS – the Intuitive Ride-Along. As we work together you will develop your own intuition and know how to use it in specific and focused ways as a valuable business resource
·         BONUS – As applicable to what comes forward uniquely for you and your business, I will share my own personal and business resources that I use as part of my own success team
Your business knows how to be successful. Let’s ask it!

ONLY $1,650
How do I know this is for me?
If you fit in any of these descriptions,Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program is for you:
·         You desire to have your own business that fulfills and supports you financially but you don’t know how or don’t think you can. You want clarity and focus so you know exactly what to do to launch your business effectively. You are ready to be in focused action to create the business of your dreams.
·         You already have a business but want more clarity and certainty about your ideal niche, products and services, and how to make the income you desire faster and easier. You are ready to be in focused action to grow your business.
·         You have your own business and are confident in what you offer, but you don’t want to spin your wheels. You want to know exactly how to use your valuable resources of time, energy and money in ways that contribute directly to your business growth. You are ready to be in focused action to expand your business.
·         You have a growing business and want additional enhancement and refinement to get the most out of what you are doing and further accelerate your business growth. You are ready to be in focused action to accelerate your business.
Why this program?

In addition to answering the questions “How can I grow my business?” and “How can I increase my income?” I created this special Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program because:
  1. I see hundreds of clients experience roadblocks and challenges that are slowing their business growth because they don't have enough clarity and focus unique to them and their business. They are often distracted trying lots of different things that are not always aligned with their unique business. And sometimes their limiting beliefs and old patterns get in the way.
  2. The timing is perfect to get clear, focus and re-inspired so you can have the greatest success possible.
  3. I was guided and inspired by my intuition that this is a key way I can help more entrepreneurs and business owners get the clarity and focus they need to be more successful.
Do I need to already have a business plan for Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program to be effective?
NO. If you already have a business plan – great! We will help you further align, clarify and amplify it to accelerate your business growth.
If you do not currently have a business plan, that is OK too. This program will help you create your essential business plan. There are some business plan templates you can download for free on my web site to get you started.   The generic business plan template I created from reading The One Page Business Plan for Women in Business by Jim Horan and Tamara Monosoff.
What kind of results can I expect?
You will receive a crystal clear roadmap of how your business can grow that you can begin to implement immediately. Please keep in mind that Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan requires focused action on your part to realize your ultimate business potential. Although you will receive an amazing amount of clarity, focus, strategy, prioritized action items, inspiration and confidence – you must then take regular, focused action to achieve the results you desire. Since the results rely on your actions, results can not be guaranteed.
Only $1,650

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." 

Steve Jobs, inventor, entrepreneur, co-founder of Apple Inc.

“You, too, can use your intuition to make more money, make better decisions, solve problems more quickly, unleash your creative genius, discern people’s hidden motives, envision a new business, and create winning business plans and strategies.”
Jack Canfield - The Success Principles, How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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